For those who have ever wanted a Nissan GT-R in miniature form are about to get your wish with the Blue Drone R/C Racer.

Not only is this R/C car a tiny replica of a $90,000, 530 horsepower car, but it has a very unique feature. It can be controlled by a Bluetooth-enabled Android phone or tablet.

Yes, thanks to a free application, you can control this R/C car with the use of a touch screen, or steer it using your mobile’s accelerometer. The car has a range of thirty feet, is powered by three AAA batteries, and can last for about three hours.

This is one of those Kickstarter projects, which means that it hasn’t been made into a reality as yet. The makers are looking for $200,000 to get started, and if you are willing to lay down $59, you can get one for yourself.

You can go to the project page for more information. If you go to the Source link below, you can watch a demo video of it in action.

I wonder if this is the beginning of R/C toys that are controlled by an application rather than a remote control apparatus of some type. We might as well phase out that device, as it seems rather old-school in comparison to a smartphone.


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