When I saw this particular concept product from Finnish cell phone giant Nokia, I thought I was looking at some delayed April Fool’s Joke like the Google Motion. That, or someone really can’t wait for the Green Lantern movie (coming this summer).

Nokia’s Nenya ring allows the user to control their cell phone with a twist of the ring, like a magician. Speaking of magic, the name Nenya apparently is derived from a ring of power that was wielded by Galadriel from The Lord of the Rings.

Of course, there is no magic involved. In fact, the technology is as simple as mounting a magnet inside the ring. The ring can be twisted at 45 degree angles, which allow commands for about 8 different functions. So if you want to change tracks on your music program, or pause them, just give it a twist.

You might notice that ugly thing that goes on your wrist. That is actually a part of the Nenya setup, and it is a Bluetooth bracelet that somehow picks up the orientation of the ring and transmits it to the phone. I wonder if there was a way to put the phone on the bracelet. If nothing else, put a watch on the thing.

As I have mentioned before, this is a concept product for now, and I just don’t know whether or not this will catch on. Leave a comment if you love or hate it.


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