In the movie Knocked Up, two men are watching kids play with bubbles, and they are marveled. Paul Ruud shares with Seth Rogen that “I wish I loved anything as much as my kids love bubbles”.

I was watching my kids play with bubbles the other day, and realized that the technology for blowing bubbles has not really changed. I guess Crayola figured that transparent bubbles could be given a dash of color, and so they added their own touch. The results have been disastrous. The colored bubble product has sold several hundred thousand since its initial release in February, but many parents have been complaining.

Despite the fact that the product is stamped with the label “Washable”, this doesn’t mean it is easily washable. One user had Sunset Orange bubble soap that dripped on the floor of her garage, and it dried up red like blood. The blue color “turn her two boys into Smurfs”. Another blogger says that it requires “scrubbing the top layer of the skin to get the color out”.

To be fair, Crayola does include a warning to not use at weddings or indoors, as well as “other materials that cannot be laundered”. So I guess that colored bubbles have a place: outside in an area that you don’t care about getting dirty, and make sure your kids are playing in smocks.


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