Sure, most of us have taken the MP3 route these days where portable music is concerned, and our smartphones have proven to be quite the capable portable media player as of late. How about vinyl records? Those might sound “warmer” to audio purists, but they are also a whole lot harder to maintain, and offering true blue portable freedom they do not. Not so with the $149.99 Crosley Revolution Ultraportable Record Player though, as this portable record player can be powered by half a dozen AA batteries, or you can always hook it up to a nearby USB port whenever possible.

It will play back the music of yesteryears through the built-in speaker, but if you want to enjoy the music personally without anyone else interrupting your session, there is always the built-in headphone jack to help you out. An integrated FM transmitter makes the entire set up all the more versatile, especially if you have a killer sound system in your home or car, and you can also perform USB transfer straight to your computer.

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