While I was at CES last January, I passed a booth for Cyberdyne. I saw that and wondered: “don’t they know that this is the organization that ended the world in the Terminator movies?”

Just to let you know, this company isn’t making Skynet, but it is making some serious exoskeletons that you see here known as the HAL-5.

Cyberdyne isn’t stealing from another science fiction film with the name HAL-5. HAL stands for Hybrid Assistive Limb, and the company demonstrated a lower-body suit that is meant for use by health care professionals and factory workers to help with heavy lifting. You can watch the video after the jump.

It reminds me of the Equipois X-Ar that we reported on last week to help with repetitive motion working. As I recall, I suggested just making a robot to do the repetitive work. As I also recall, this is the mistake Cyberdyne made in the Terminator films. It looks like this HAL-5 could allow machines to work with us and not dominate us.

It would appear that the future looks very bright for cybernetics, but its progress will be baby steps. I think we are looking at a future of lighter loading devices rather than exo-skeletons that give us super-strength.


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