Love gaming? A gaming rig can be very personal, especially to those who are on the hardcore side. Some of us prefer to take the time and care to build one from scratch, while others do take the route of purchasing a pre-configured gaming machine, only to add some other bits and pieces along the way. CyberpowerPC and their latest Fang III series ought to make gamers from all backgrounds more than happy.

Obviously, the Fang III series makes references to the world of snakes – where it comprises of the Rattler, Viper, Cobra, and the high end model, Black Mamba. They have all been specially armed with an arsenal of powerful new features that enables them to make short work of all the latest games in the market.

Considering how speed is still high on the list of most folks at first glance, it makes perfect sense that all machines from the Fang III series will sport the new 2nd Generation Intel Extreme Core I processors, where it delivers blazing fast dual channel and quad channel memory, in addition to PCIe 3.0 motherboard support, CyberpowerPC’s very own Advanced hydro liquid cooling alongside feature-rich gaming cases, as well as an injection of Venom Boost overclocking.

Not only do you get smart and efficient dual core CPUs, those who need a massive boost can always enjoy the hexa-core extreme edition. Feel that you want to crank up the frame rate by another level? That is not a problem, thanks to CyberpowerPC’s Venom Boost technology that will overclock the processor up to an additional 30% so that you can, alongside your gaming skills of course, send your opponents into oblivion without having to make your system sweat.

Depending on which camp you are on, you will be able to choose video cards from NVIDIA and AMD, enjoying cinematic visuals on the latest games without missing a beat. Any takers for the CyberpowerPC Fang III series?

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