Daily Desired: Class Up Your Act With Temperature-Regulating Wine StorageIf you’re anything like us, your idea of storing wine and keeping it at the correct temperature involves wrapping it up that black liquor store bag until it’s time to drink it. But we know better, and this dual chambered-wine cooler is just the upgrade we’ve all been hoping for.

Even a relatively inexpensive wine would benefit from a little TLC inside EuroCave’s Sowine Winebar. The cooler has two separate storage areas for standard bottles, which each have their own individual temperature control with pre-programed settings for red and white wines. It’ll cool your corked wine, but the best part is the automated vacuum which seals each chamber and preserves an uncorked bottle for up to 10 days, keeping it at exactly the right temperature and free of flavor-corroding air so you can open an enjoy anytime. The Sowine costs $399 so your box wine need not apply—if only because you’d have a hard time making it fit. [EuroCave]

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