It seems like everyone wants to get on “the cloud” these days, and Dane-Elec is no exception.

I’m sure that most of you are familiar with how cloud systems work. You put your digital files on some secure cloud server somewhere, and then you can access them from anywhere there is an Internet connected computer.

What makes my-Ditto different is that you buy the Ditto box which has 1-4 TB of memory. They also come USB keys that allow the user to plug into any PC with a USB port and access all of their clouded information.

The clear benefits of these my-Ditto systems are backup, sharing files, and instant access to all your videos, songs, and everything else digital. As the company said: “my-Ditto is your new Media Center”.

There is also a my-Ditto application so you can access your my-Ditto cloud information on your tablet, mobile phone, and your computer.

The my-Ditto cloud computing system uses the highest encryption available, AES 256-Bit, to ensure data is always protected, no matter where you are.

You can check here for the various types of my-Ditto products. They range from $179 for 1 TB of memory, to $369.99 for 4TB. Considering that we are all cloud computing these days, you might as well jump on this train with something easy like this from Dane-Elec.

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