Ever wondered how it would feel like if you had the ability of Michael Phelps? OK, so his star has been fading the past few years since his feats at the Olympics, but that doesn’t mean you can just outswim the man at your whim and fancy right now. Perhaps you need some help, and if you are not as well endowed as Prince Namor, perhaps you might want to look into a little external help that comes in the form of the £21.99 Darkfin Gloves.

Yes, this pair of gloves will give you webbed hands so that you can generate more thrust than usual, helping propel you through the water unlike ever before. Made out of durable latex, they are more or less the most high tech flippers for your hands to date. It is said that each pair of Darkfin Gloves will increase the surface area of your hands by up to 70%, and even better news is, it comes in a range of sizes to fit both genders – even kids.

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