In video games, winning is often about doing the quick action with as few buttons as possible. Players have to learn to change weapons in an instant, or they will be shot by opposing weapons.

Datel plans on releasing a new controller called the Datel TurboFire 360 for the Xbox 360, which features a built-in LCD screen right on it. I don’t think it is a touchscreen, but it will allow the user to access menus which could make gaming faster.

My Source claims that the addition of an LCD screen could give gamers an unfair advantage in party shooter games, and I will have to agree. Unless the player with the Datel can’t figure it out yet, and is slower on the draw as a result. If he or she is pretty fast, I am certain the other players will eventually gang up on him or her.

A controller with a screen? Didn’t the Sega Dreamcast try that? That was the company’s final console. Uh-oh, doesn’t the Wii U have a screen on its controller? I wonder if we will get the same result for the Wii U as we did for Sega. I’m surprised that is the first time I thought of that, but I’m certain it has been brought up more than once.

Perhaps Microsoft is considering putting these LCD screens on all of its controllers, but we will have to wait for the XBox…whatever is after the 360. What do you think the new version of the Xbox will be called? Will it be the Xbox 720? Leave a comment if you know.


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