It’s official, summer is here. I have to admit I’ve been in the pool already. Yes, it was pretty cold, but it still felt good to shake off the winter and realize that the days of summer sun and outdoor fun are upon us. I’m always looking for new ways to entertain outside and I love to grill, but lately my enthusiasm has dwindled just a bit… there are only so many times I can make my famous ribs and still be excited about them. I needed something different. Well, check out the Deep Frying Portable grill, a real match made in heaven. I mean, was one really meant to deep fry indoors?

This neat looking, fully portable grill AND deep fryer can make all your old standbys, from hot-dogs to honey grilled salmon, but a deep fryer located in the center of the cooking surface holds up to a pint of cooking oil, allowing you to fry up a few servings of onion rings or chicken fingers in no time. All without any smoke or greasy smell in your kitchen.

The grills surface is large enough for around 8 hamburgers and even has a grate for high temp searing, a griddle for bacon, eggs or stir fry, and a warming plate to keep things hot and crisp. I just can’t imagine having more outdoor cooking options! The deep fryer can not only produce some crispy fried shrimp or funnel cakes, it can also be used without the oil to hold something like chili or nice red sauce to top your delicious burgers.

The Deep Frying Portable grill comes with a lid, a cutting board, a nifty insulated oil storage canister, and an easy carrying case. It runs on a one pound propane tank (although you can go larger with optional hose connections)  You can watch the product video, or go ahead and purchase one at for under 250 bucks. Could be fun!

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