Dell has certainly done its part to be worth checking out as a major force when it comes to computer hardware, and their notebooks have been pretty spiffy all this while. Having said that, Dell has worked to expand the XPS laptop family by introducing two models – the Dell XPS 14 Ultrabook and Dell XPS 15. We shall definitely take a closer look at both machines, and first of all, there is the Dell XPS 14 Ultrabook which is said to offer outstanding performance that comes in an extremely mobile package.

The Dell XPS 14 Ultrabook will come in a couple of configurations – although both of them will come in a highly-durable machined aluminum chassis alongside an innovative silicone base, with the entire design measuring just 20.7mm thin. Not only that, it comes with a brilliantly bright 14″ 400 nit HD+ edge-to-edge display, a backlit keyboard that comes in handy when you want to work in the dark or in low light conditions, and optional performance graphics, with up to 11 hours of battery life that Dell claims is the longest battery life of any Ultrabook in the market right now, for its class, of course.

Apart from that, you can opt for a traditional 500GB hard drive to work in tandem with a solid state drive in the form of a 32GB mSATA card. There is also the Intel Rapid Start and Smart Response technologies, where the former lets you achieve super fast boot-up and hibernate response times, while the latter is able to recognize and cache the most frequently used files and applications in a flash, letting you experience far more uptime and being more productive than ever before instead of playing the waiting game.

As for the Dell XPS 15, this is a thin powerhouse device that is said to deliver performance, graphics and screen resolution for creativity and entertainment’s sake. Sporting a stunning, vivid, edge-to-edge display which is said to be up to 75% brighter compared to standard panels, the Dell XPS 15 also comes with powerful NVIDIA graphics as a standard, a backlit keyboard like the XPS 14 Ultrabook, an optional integrated slot load Blu-ray disc drive, and up to 1TB of hard drive space alongside a 32GB or 128GB mSATA card option.

The Dell XPS 14 Ultrabook will start from $1,099 upwards, while the Dell XPS 15 has a higher starting price of $1,299 and above.

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