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Despite Hacks, Sony is Still Asia's "Most Valued Brand"It’s lost billions over the past few years and been publicly shamed by one of the world’s biggest ever online security breaches, but according to a survey across ten markets Sony is still Asia’s “most valued brand”.

The results are part of the TNS Top 1000 Asia-Pacific Brands survey, which polled 3,300 people between the ages of 15-64 to ask their most “valued” brands in a range of categories including fashion, phones, TV sets, etc.

That’s part of the reason Sony won out, as it could be voted for in a whole range of categories, while some other big brands that may only make cars or clothes could only be voted for in one.

The other reason? Despite recent setbacks, the Sony brand still carries a lot of weight in Asian markets. Thomas Isaac from survey conductors TNS says, “In most Asian countries, the man on the street has not heard of Louis Vuitton, but he has heard of Sony.”

Other brands making the list include Samsung, Panasonic, LG and Canon, while some non-Asian companies making the cut include Chanel, Rolex and BMW.

Link ChevronNoodles and Electronics: Asia’s Most Value [WSJ]

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