You can be rich, and then there is the category of being super rich. While the former would mean getting this timepiece without causing too much damage to your bank accounts, the latter would probably scoff at the amount as being “cheap”. Just what kind of watch are we talking about here? The Devon Tread 1 Watch, of course, which will burn a £15,000 hole in your pocket.

This just goes to show that n
ot all wristwatches are created equal, and many high-end timepieces tend to come with jewels to jack up the value, all the while looking rather similar to one another regardless of brand, and more or less using virtually identical tick tock technology. The Devon Tread 1 Watch is radically different, since it relies on a quartet of compact microstep motors to power a series of exposed glass-nylon belts which in turn will adjust the time and date.

Now that’s mesmerizing for sure, and you’ve more or less got a masterpiece of movement on your wrist right there. Not only that, the steel case of this puppy is comprised of a scratch-resistant bullet proof polycarbonate casing, while a rechargeable cell inside can work for up to a couple of weeks on a single charge. At last, a watch that doesn’t need an insane amount of baubles to justify an expensive price tag.

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