Since the whole world has become far more digitized today than ever before, it makes perfect sense for digital technology to permeate different parts of our life – including those at home, and especially for folks who love cooking, in the kitchen. While it might take years of experience to more of less figure out just how much salt or a particular condiment needs to be included in a dish, beginners would be greatly aided if they had some sort of tool – such as the £19.99 Digital Spoon Measure.

The name itself tells it all – it will eliminate the guesswork involved from all those “tsps” and “tbsps”, where it can measure just about anything – powders, granules, gels and liquids up to a generous 300g (or 10.58oz). Since it comes with a couple of interchangeable scoops, it doesn’t matter whether you are dealing with teaspoons or tablespoons. Just make sure you have a couple of AAA batteries around just in case it runs out of juice.

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