The older we get, we start to notice that our bodies break down here and there, more often than not. Even when we eat, there might be a wayward crumb that happened to escape to the corner of our mouths without us noticing it, and our eyesight start to fail us as well. This is not exactly a fun ride, but it is inevitable if we were destined to live a long life. Well, for those who need help reading and viewing pictures and articles, perhaps Hammacher might have just the tool to help you out – with the $199.95 Distortion Free Magnifying Light.

This adjustable magnifying light is capable of delivering distortion-free, illuminated magnification from just about any angle, so you need not strain your eyes further. It will work differently from lesser spherical lenses which tend to distort images and cause eyestrain, as this superior magnifier’s aspheric lens will prevent such spherical aberration from happening, ending up with optimal clarity from edge to edge of the lens, never mind its current position.

The rectangular lens has a 11.75″ x 15.75″ viewing area and delivers 2X magnification which should be more than adequate to read small text or inspect fine details of collectibles or crafts. A dozen LEDs will line the underside of the lens, casting a bright white light without the glare that is commonly associated with fluorescent and incandescent bulbs.

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