Okay, there’s a couple of ways I can go with this post, I can explain the finer points of the German Federweisser (or young wine) typically made and consumed in wine making regions, because it used the grapes that were not good enough to be made into fine wines, and its fermentation process was also so quick that it couldn’t travel well and needed to be consumed in a matter of days, or conversely, I could simple say, where the heck was this when I was in college?

The Do It Yourself Juice to Alcohol Kit, you need only to select a 64oz bottle of juice, then pour in a packet of the Juice to Alcohol Kit’s magic powder, lose the bottle cap in favor of the included airlock and rubber stopper (or it will explode) and store it at room temperature. The yeast will change the juice into a tasty, carbonated alcoholic beverage in around 48 hours (you can start tasting after 24). If you enjoy a dryer taste with a higher alcohol content, continue to ferment it at room temperature until it’s just the way you like it. Imagine a fine cabernet aged in oak barrels… okay, now forget about the cabernet and enjoy this light, refreshing and surprisingly delicious drink, reminiscent of a wine cooler, only it has some science and history behind it, and you made it yourself, gotta love the Germans.

Kit available from www.thinkgeek.com for about $9.99 (includes 6 packets of powder)

Please remember to drink legally and responsibly… in that order…

Source: www.spikeyourjuice.com

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