Have you watched David Copperfield in action back when he was the magic superstar of the world? Well, he certainly did mesmerize plenty of folks with his collection and repertoire of tricks in his bag, including making the Great Wall of China disappear, but surely some of the seemingly more basic tricks have caught your attention too, no? For example, the trick of levitating an object or a person is still something that I have quite yet to figure out, but perhaps with the $49.99 DIY Magnetic Levitating Sculpture Kit, things might change for the better. This is an easy to assemble kit, allowing you to suspend a magnet in mid-air.

Gravity vs electromagnetism – a battle that can be won by either, depending on the delicate balance and placement of objects. This unique DIY kit will boast an extremely powerful magnet at the top of the sculpture that will pull the magnet cube up, and when the forces of gravity and electromagnetism are balanced, the magnet cube will remain in mid-air, spinning around to keep you and anyone else who looks at it mesmerized.

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