Insurance companies are infamous for their use of complicated jargon and a lack of clarity in order to cover the least amount possible for the highest price. Rigging insurance is no exception to this rule. When rigging it involved, you have expensive equipment and numerous lives on the line. This is an instance where you cannot afford to be finagled out of the best insurance policy available. There are a couple of ways you can make sure to avoid this problem.
When you are shopping for rigging insurance, remember the number one rule- you are the customer and therefore they should be the ones jumping through hoops to gain your trust, not the other way around. If they have complicated wording in their contracts, demand they sit down with you and explain the exact meaning of each of those sections. Companies that take the time to explain and answer all of your questions are showing themselves willing to go the extra mile for you, instead of trying to pull a fast one.
Another idea to consider when you are looking for rigging insurance is to speak with other contractors who have used the policy you are looking into. Ask them about what certain things in the contract mean and these people will be able to tell you how their insurance company covered them in those instances.
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