I’ve always loved Paint Ball and Lazer Tag, they both have been around for a while and there hasnt been too much new about them, but they have always been a good weekend standby for getting a bit of exercise and having some fun with friends, but with all the gizmos and gadgets out there today, couldn’t some of our old standbys be just a little more exciting?

Yup! Nerf and Hasbro have resurrected the game of Lazer Tag by adding some well known technology… your iPod or your iPhone, that’s right, just by mounting your iPhone or your iPod touch in a special holder on the  brand new lazer “Blasters” a downloadable app enables an extension of the firing range to 250 feet and introduces a heads up display that shows, trajectory and gaming stats and even provides an updating leader-board for you and up to 23 of your closest friends.

The app will also let you unlock more power and other rewards as you play. Cooler then that, the iDevice will also allow you to engage in single player games where the device screen acts in an augmented reality capacity allowing you to engage “virtual” enemies imposed over your real-life background, and “take them out!”

Anyway, youre not going to get your mitts on these weapons of mass destruction anytime soon, they arent due for roll out until  mid-summer, but with a 40 dollar a piece price tag, (and a 2 for 70 dollar special) I can see a couple in my future. That, and lots and lots of AA batteries…. By the way, the Blasters can also be used “old school” without the special enhancements offered by your iDevice… but I’m pretty sure my iPod wants to play too….

 Source: www.imore.com

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