Don't You Dare Open This Animatronic Axe Murderer Door...Sure, the axe murderer presented in this door prop is about as lazy as they come, but you have to admit the overall attention to detail is pretty intense.

As the tired, weary axe murder meanders down the darkly lit hallway toward the door, the lights flicker. Soon, eventually, he shambles close enough to swing his axe and, well, holy smokes, the door dents and shakes as if there really were a lethargic, grungy man swinging an axe on the other side. Then he leaves.

As a Boing Boing commenter notes, this design is apparently an, ahem, “update” on an older prop manufacturer’s work from 2009. That’s the world of design though, huh? Just ask Apple and Samsung. [Etsy via Boing Boing]

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