We have seen a Doxie in action a couple of years ago, but as with most good things in life, an update to the current model is something that makes perfect sense if it were to remain relevant in the market. Having said that, there is a new Doxie model making its rounds – one which is capable of scanning just about anywhere you are without the need for a computer, following by sending that particular scanned image or text to devices as well as the cloud – sans pesky cables.

Yes sir, the Doxie Go + Wi-Fi is now available to the masses, delivering the wonders of wireless scanning that you can bring with you just about anywhere you go. Thanks to a specially integrated battery as well as memory chip, the new Doxie is capable of scanning documents and images regardless of your location, followed by pushing that scan directly from the scanner to a Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, or Evernote wirelessly.

According to Travis J. Hicks, chief operating officer of Doxie, “Doxie continues to deliver tiny scanners that make it easy and convenient to go paperless. Doxie means simple scanning you can take anywhere – with a beautiful industrial design and great software, Doxie just works. And now with Wi-Fi, your scans push wirelessly to all of your devices, or even direct to Evernote and the cloud.”

Bills, receipts, reports, recipes, cards, and photos – all of these will not be able to stand a chance against the new Doxie Go + Wi-Fi, and the scanning speed itself ain’t too shabby for a portable device. We are looking at a mere 8 seconds per page, while the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity is able to send scans instantly without missing a beat. With the new Doxie hooking up to your Wi-Fi network, it can send scans on the fly.

Whenever you are on the go, Doxie will create its own ad-hoc network, delivering an instant push to the cloud. All scans can be sent automatically to your computer, mobile device, or directly to Evernote, Flickr, and FTP among others. Heck, you can even synchronize directly with the iPhone and iPad, and we are glad to say that Doxie has put up a free Wi-Fi sync app from the App Store for fast, wireless scanning.

How about its performance in full color? We are looking at up to 600 dpi here, which is no mean feat for something so small. Doxie Go + Wi-Fi will retail for $239 if you are interested, where it will come with the Doxie scanner, companion software with award-winning ABBYY OCR, a bundled Eye-Fi wireless SD card and Doxie 2.1 software. You will need to download the free iOS sync app over from the App Store though.

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