There is nothing quite like a piping hot mug of your favorite beverage, and such drinks go down your throat best when they are freshly brewed and mixed. Well, some of us would like to have the luxury of sitting down at our favorite cafe’s spot, with the beverage of choice in our hands while having a good book or the day’s newspaper to peruse through. As for those of us who find the luxury of time to be something that we cannot afford nor have, then it would be wise to consider an alternative to ferry our hot beverages around, making sure that they remain hot in the process – and that is through the use of the $14.99 Dual Heated Travel Mug.

The Dual Heated Travel Mug is capable of storing up to 16 oz of hot drinks, and when you are in your car trying your level best to weave through the mad rush hour traffic to arrive at the office early, you can always plug in the Dual Heated Travel Mug into your car’s cigarette lighter. Once you arrive at the office and turn on the computer, you “relay” this particular heat-retaining task to your computer – by plugging it into the USB port on your computer. After all, we are in the Olympics season now, so it is somewhat akin to passing the baton – or flame.

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