Whenever a hardware or software developer works on something, they would do best to cater to just about the entire spectrum of consumers, and among them include Windows and Apple products. Well, E FUN does the iPhone and iPad right with the APEN A4 Digital Pen, where it makes note taking easier than ever before for owners of both Apple hardware. This will be an app-based accessory, where the APEN enables one to write freely on any paper or notebook, while having your notes get sent over simultaneously to your Apple product via a 30-pin cable.

Would have been great to have a wireless setup here with Bluetooth technology, but perhaps battery life might be a potential banana skin, so being tethered is the way to go right now. Imagine accessing your drawings as well as notes in just a few finger swipes, just remember to make a backup of whatever data that resides on your iPhone or iPad just in case something goes awry.

We’re talking about instant digitization of notes here with the A4 Digital Pen, and you don’t even need to use a computer in order to save time, where it will increase productivity for both students and professionals. Guess this is a viable solution for those who want to complete their assignments in a jiffy as well as to collaborate with others. After all, with the adoption rate for the iPad and iPhone increasing by the day among students and professionals, the A4 Digital Pen does seem to be a viable solution as it instantly digitizes handwritten notes.

Capable of recording up to 100 pages in the receivers’ memory, you can also share your photos on Facebook, Flickr and other social media sites as and when the need arises. Handwritten documents can also be shared via email if you so desire. Expect the APEN A4 Digital Pen to play nice with Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Vista, Microsoft 7 and Mac 10.5 above, where it will cost you $129.99.

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