The inspiration for the modern day ear plug is believed to have originated from Homer’s famous poem ‘The Odyssey’, written over 2700 hundred years ago. The story is told of the Greek hero Odysseus, who orders his ship’s crewmen to put plugs of beeswax in their ears so they would not able to hear the enchanting, but deadly songs of the Sirens. Today’s ear plug is far more sophisticated than a plug of wax, and years of research, sound testing, and product design give Moldex Ear Plugs one of the most respected names in hearing and respiratory protection.

Many people do not realize that all ear plugs are not the same; the plug material, design, and various plug features contribute to making a highly diversified product. Moldex plugs are made of specialized PVC free memory foam, providing soft, lightweight wear for long periods of time.  All plugs are tested to make certain that their Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) number is within acceptable standards of the Environmental Protection Agency. Their NRR ranks at the top in hearing protection.

There are several different styles of hearing protectors to choose from. The disposable plug is one of the best sellers. These plugs are used once and then they are thrown away. The reusable plugs are made from a slightly different type of PVC free material and they can be taken out and worn again. Reusable plugs will often have a cord that attaches to each plug to make them easier to save and use again. Other Moldex Ear Plugs are mounted on head bands and look like headphone pods. It is interesting to note that most ear plugs are made from extremely bright and colorful material that is hard to overlook. The color allows safety inspectors to make certain workers have their plugs in, and the ear buds can be easily spotted if they come out. Food companies are required to have their workers use detectable plug. They are made with magnetic detectable materials that will prevent them from ending up in a batch of cookies.

The recent studies of noise pollution have indicated that prolonged exposure to high decibels sound can cause significant damage. Consequently, the sale of hearing protection has significantly increased. In addition to factory workers and airport employees, the protective buds are used by musicians, hunters, miners, motorcyclists, and construction workers as well. Some use ear buds when they swim to keep out water or when they fly to prevent earaches. Buddhist monks and their followers have even been known to use them when trying to meditate.

Moldex ear plugs have done the product research and earned the reputation of providing the best ear protection on the market. Whether you are guiding 747 planes to their loading gate, or just trying to avoid your husband’s snoring, check out the large variety of ear buds and protection available from Moldex.

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