I have the luxury of a home office, my husband on the other hand, trudges off to work everyday. I used to pack him a lunch, but often, he didn’t eat it, thinking my culinary skills were even worse than I suspected, I decided to get to the bottom of it, it wasn’t my food, the microwave at work was just so disgusting he couldn’t use it… ewwww.

Well if eCoupled™ has anything to do with it he won’t need to use the filthy thing ever again. eCoupled has developed intelligent wireless power that is so flexible it can actually be printed directly onto packaging. Cost effective power ON the packaging has an endless number of interesting applications, it can call attention to a product or its benefits with lights, or…drumroll please, it can be used to make self-cooking soup cups that can heat up a can of Campbell’s Chunky Soup when placed on a wireless charging surface — no microwave or stovetop needed. Excellent. The implications of  this powered packaging are staggering.

Wireless power integrated into this new packaging technology also works in store or at home, tracking inventory, nutritional information, or expiration dates—all from a computer or smart phone, stores can have automatic ordering and  you’ll  have a grocery list at your fingertips for the next time you’re out shopping.

Don’t know how I’m going to feel about the blinking, talking and beeping special effects extravaganza thats sure to hit the store shelves, but the future is calling, it just seems to have gotten here way too fast.

Source: www.ecoupled.com

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