This is the McCar, and before you crack the most obvious Mcjoke that you are thinking, it is built by Geely, the same Chinese company that owns Volvo.

The McCar is presently on display at the Shanghai Motor Show, and it is both a car and scooter at the same time. I suppose that you could call it a “cooter”, but I don’t like the implication.

The purpose of the car and scooter combo is so the user/driver is able to use the scooter to get to where he or she is going if the place is far away from where he or she had to park. For example, let’s say you park in a huge parking lot at the mall, and instead of walking the city blocks to get to your favorite store, you unload the scooter from the back and drive there.

The McCar is planned to have a hybrid model and a fully electric model capable of a 93 miles per charge. The scooter itself will have a range of 18 miles per charge, and I’m not certain whether this smaller vehicle can be charged by the bigger one.

All in all, this is a pretty good idea, in a world where cars have to be inconveniently separated from us. Of course, this leaves the question of where you park the scooter. Unless you intend to drive the scooter around all day like certain lazy people at the Wal-Mart.


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