There is a reason why you head out for massages – those tend to help loosen the muscles on your body, not to mention introduce an overall feeling of bliss and well being. Sometimes we cannot afford to go for our monthly massage appointment, and yet our back is killing us, so what is there to do? Enter the $129.95 Electrotherapy Back Wrap, where this unique home electrotherapy system is capable of offering drug-free pain relief thanks to the simple form factor of a snug back wrap.

There will be a quartet of reusable adhesive electrodes located within the belt, where a couple are located on each side of the spine. These electrodes will use Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), which is a common pain therapy that delivers controlled electrical pulses so that nerves are simulated in order to help dull the effects of low-intensity aches and pains. With the inclusion of a tethered digital controller, you will be able to choose from eight customized programs, as well as adjust the duration and intensity level. Hopefully your spare tires would still be able to be accommodated by the belt’s 13″ extender.

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