I think that we all want to watch TV from our computers, and Elgato’s HDHomeRun is granting consumers their wish.

The HDHomeRun is a tiny box that connects to one’s cable or antenna, and then connects to one’s router. With the Windows 7 and Mac software, a user can stream digital television, and record TV shows, at the same time in full HD.

It is too bad that the HDHomeRun is not compatible with older versions of Windows. It looks like it was made more for the Mac, as it comes with EyeTV for Mac. EyeTV allows the user access to SmartGuides to record shows, even entire seasons. It also allows for editing and sharing them with other Macs, provided they are on your network.

With the purchase of the Elgato comes one free year of TV Guide data, with the option of renewing it for only $19.95 per year. The better news is that the HDHomeRun has an iPhone and iPad App, which allows you to watch live or recorded TV anywhere.

All in all the HDHomeRun could be a terrific way to enjoy TV from the computer, as we all want. Well, I do, anyway. You should be able to purchase it for a price of $179.95, and click here for more information.

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