Has it happened to you? I’m fairly certain it has happened to everyone, I mean, its never happened to me personally of course. But I almost thought it happened to me once. Please understand, I was very young. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? I am speaking of a horrifying, untimely underpants emergency, the kind that leaves you trapped, paralyzed and unable to continue with the business of living. Few choose to talk about it, and until now, there wasn’t much of a solution to this very common problem.

People everywhere can now heave a collective sigh of relief with the availability of Accoutrement’s brand  ”Emergency Underpants” these lovely white, disposable unisex briefs fit most, and are available in a 1 count package or for those pesky repeat emergencies, a decorative and economical pop-up dispenser. Similar to a tissue box, this fabulous dispenser comes to your rescue when just one pair of emergency underpants isn’t enough.

These nifty undergarments should be kept at school, at work and most especially in your car, where mindless jerks and high speeds have left more than just a few of us in need of some emergency underpants) Whether you choose the single size or the extravagant multi-pair dispenser, just remember what your Mama told you, Always wear clean underwear.

Accoutrement’s Emergency underwear with dispenser is available for under 8 bucks at www.amazon.com and with a single pair packaged in a beautiful and convenient gift tin retailing for only $5.25, lets face it… can you afford NOT to have them?

source: www.amazon.com

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