When it rains, it pours. The weather in the UK is not always cheery, and sometimes, it gets wet nearly every single day, which means having an umbrella with you all the time is an essential tool, and you are not any less of a man to carry one around. After all, if the sun starts to come out bright and strong, you can always play the role of a gentleman and shade any fair skinned lady from those harmful UV rays. Not only that, you can also play your part of Good Guy Greg to the hilt by offering a seat to any tired looking pair of legs, thanks to this $89.95 English Umbrella Seat.

The name of the English Umbrella Seat says it all – this umbrella, when not being used to shield someone from the heat or rain, can be “transformed” into a portable seat. After all, it is very similar to the “seat sticks” that are traditionally used in England when it comes to watching cricket matches, although this one doubles up as an umbrella. It boasts of a sturdy steel shaft that can bear weight of up to 300 lbs.

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