Epson is back with a trio of more projectors that intend to blow your mind (and eyes) away, thanks to the following models – the PowerLite D6150, D6155W, and D6250, where either one of the three will be able to deliver sufficient bang for your hard earned money, although there are minor differences among the three in which we will look at in greater detail right after the jump. Part of the now famous Epson PowerLite D6000 series, these robust projectors will target the higher education sector, where they will deliver high brightness and exceptional picture quality with a dust resistant design, a 10,000 hour electrostatic filter and lamp life of 5,000 hours so that you (or your organization) need not blow the bank while owning it.

The Epson PowerLite D6150 is capable of delivering 3,500 lumens of color and white light output with XGA resolution. As for the PowerLite D6155W, this puppy will release 3,500 lumens of color and white light output with WXGA resolution for widescreen content. Last but not least would be the PowerLite D6250, featuring 4,000 lumens of color and white light output with XGA resolution.

Among the shared features that the Epson PowerLite D6150, D6155W and D6250 share when it comes to the higher education arena would include an extremely robust design, where they are dust resistant while sporting exhaust vent shutters that make these projectors work just fine even in dusty environments. An electrostatic filter with a 10,000 hour life and lamp life of up to 5,000 hours using Epson’s exclusive E-TORL lamp technology will also translate to a relatively low total cost of ownership. As for its cable cover, that will help protect connectors from dust and prevent uninvited tampering. With HDMI and USB connectivity, you can be sure that digital audio and video can be transferred seamlessly, although we’re quite sure that some of you out there would prefer to see wireless streaming capability – perhaps in the next iteration of the 6000 series, hmmm?

The Epson PowerLite D6150, D6155W and D6250 will retail for $1,649, $1,799 and $1,799 as all three will hit the market in April later this year.

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