This is the x-Ar exoskeletal arm from Equipois, and it is designed for lifting. You might think that this thing is designed to be one limb from a Power Loader like in Aliens, but it is not designed to be a strong arm to give you superhuman strength.

The purpose of the x-Ar exoskeletal arm is to make repetitious tasks easier. So, if you have the job of moving things from one conveyor belt to another conveyor belt, this will come in handy. It will reduce the strength that your arm normally uses, and I would imagine reduce all the arm-strain that would come from such a job.

This is what my Source says, but having a device like this raises a question of why it is needed. After all, if you are trying to use a machine to help a human do a repetitious task, why not simply create a machine to do the repetitious task? I realize that is a huge oversimplification, but I think we are looking at an era where machines are replacing humans at jobs where thinking is not a requirement.

Okay, this is getting to sound like some sort of manifesto. So let me just say this: all my starter jobs have been in factories doing repetitious jobs, and I suppose if I had one of these Equipois x-Ar arms, it could have been easier. However, I don’t work in a factory anymore.

Right now, I don’t have a price or availability date on this device as yet.


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