I’ve discovered a way to survive the coming apocalypse with Japanese home builder Daiwa House. They have created the EDV-01 or Emergency Diaster Vehicle that can be ready in four minutes with just a touch a button.

The house has two floors, a restroom, small kitchen, beds, shower, refrigerator, LED lights, as well as a satellite-powered data transfer for use of a cell phone and PC in an emergency. The unit is sized at 6058 x 2591 x 2438 mm and weighs in at 10 tons.

In case you’re wondering what it takes for power, it has solar panels and allows a battery and a fuel cell. It is designed to be easily shippable on the back of a semi, on the back of a freighter, or latched in the bottom of a helicopter.

For some odd reason, I don’t have a price for this guy. However, let me put it into perspective. Surviving through the next zombie attack: priceless. Yeah, I’m pretty certain this will run you a few thousand thousand dollars.

I wonder how the market would be on these EDV-01 were to sell during the Cuban Missile Crisis or sometime when bomb shelters were in fashion. Perhaps someone should accessorize these survival shelters.


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