Some of you might remember Asteroids, a game where you control a triangle that shoots at some oblong shapes that become smaller oblong shapes until they are utterly destroyed.

Yes, we have come a long way from the Vector graphics of eighties games of the past, and this new version of the classic game, also known as Eye Asteroids. Eye Asteroids requires no joystick, but all the controls are the player’s eyes.

You can watch the video after the jump of the eye-controlled game in action. You will note the graphics are more advanced, and the user plays a giant planet instead of that triangle that was supposed to be a spaceship.

All that is required is looking at what you will shoot, and in case you are wondering, it does work for gamers with glasses. The game is created by Tobii, which is only planning on making 50 of these machines at $15,000 each. In case you are wondering, that is pretty expensive for a stand-up arcade game.

I suppose that this could be a whole new beginning of eye-controlled devices. What I hope that I never see are real eye-controlled guns. In a video game like Asteroids, you have to hit everything just to survive to the next level. In real war, shooting accidents happen.


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