Every year, I try and attend the New York International Auto show, I enjoy checking out all the concept cars and the newest offerings from my dream car list. Some of the displays are cool, but the way you’re introduced to a car is pretty much the same old thing, until now…

Subaru of America, Inc. will debut the all-new Impreza at its New York International Auto Show news conference via 3-D video.  In a show first, attendees will throw on some 3-D glasses so they can experience the lives of Subaru owners – from mud running, to yoga, to car driving – as its new model is revealed to the world.  You can also catch the show in plain old 2D on Subaru.com, and it may just be a show worth watching, the Impreza is being touted as the most fuel efficient all wheel drive vehicle in America.

Marking its best sales in company history, Subaru’s April 20th news conference will take place on the floor of the Jacob Javits Convention Center right here in New York City.  We will get to watch the all-new Impreza come to life in 3-D, hear from Subaru leadership and be the first to see the 2012 Impreza 4-door and 5-door models.

If you’re a Subaru fan, or think you might be, and are not attending the auto show, you can watch the live news conference and unveiling at Subaru.com.  Subaru will address questions during a live question-and-answer session on the same day and that session will be streamed on the 2012 Subaru Impreza Facebook page.

So now we’re using 3D technology and Facebook to sell cars. I guess the future is coming at us pretty fast. I’m looking forward to the day that I can hang out in my pajamas and have the International Auto Show drive through my bedroom in 3D, Now THAT would be cool… I’d miss the pretzels though, that, and the $60.00 dollar parking.

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