This is the Flake project, a concept car that even the designer does not expect to work, but solely designed for inspirational purposes.

The “flakes” on the car are carbon fiber microspoilers, and they are programmed to shift around during the drive to enhance speed and performance. As you might have guessed, the flakes go flat when it is time for a burst of speed. Turning causes the flakes on one side of the car to stand up, which “locks” the car to the road.

There is a video of it after the jump, and I can assure you, that although it may look real, it is CG. You may also notice that unusual lack of tires, which the designer calls D-Wheels. These extendable legs allow for an adjustable contact surface.

Is it just me, or do all the cracks and flakes in this car make it look like one of the Transformers? If I ever saw this Flake Project coming down the road, shifting its hide, I would probably expect it to unfold into Bumblebee.

It also reminds me of some nineties TV show called Viper which featured a shape-shifting car. Does anyone remember that show? I don’t think I ever watched an episode, but I seem to have a vague memory of a morphing car.


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