For those of us who live in tropical climates, or experience some rather extreme summers, then surely an air conditioner is a home electrical appliance that one cannot make do with. After all, who else or what is going to keep us nice and cool during those sweltering days out there? Enough air conditioners ought to get the job done, but they definitely are not the best things to look at around your home, or in the garden. I guess this is where the $549.95 Faux Shrub Air Conditioner Concealer comes in handy – it not only makes sure that your air conditioner remains concealed, there is also a spot of green around your home to make it look more inviting and natural.

This cover will not only conceal your central air conditioning condenser, but it also ensures that its operation is not hindered. There are more than 400 boughs which suggest the dark green foliage of a mature “Densiformis” yew. It has been tested by an engineering firm certified by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers, to work safe and sound in just about any home.

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