As someone who is doing business on Ebay constantly, I find that I am constant need of packing material so I can send buyers their items.

I tend to use anything I can find, such as wadded-up newspaper, crinkled-up 8×11 inch paper, and Styrofoam peanuts, if I have any left over. Can you imagine my buyers’ surprise if their stuff came in boxes with all this cash?

Yeah, this Financial Padding is nothing more than fake wadded-up $100 bills. If you look closely, the money has a value of “00″ and Teddy Roosevelt’s face on it. It certainly gives the brief illusion that I have money to burn.

Of course, you don’t want to just burn this wadded-up money as it is reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable. I suppose you could use it for counterfeiting, but you would have to get it by a stupid clerk. I once heard a story of some guy who cut off the corners of a $100 bill and pasted them on a $1 bill, and actually got the clerk to think that it was a Benjamin. How embarrassing! (Hopefully Unnecessary Disclaimer: I am not saying that you should use Financial Padding for this.)

The Financial Padding is found at the the. site for about $15 for about 200 bills, which is enough to fill about 0.5 cubic feet.


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