Flickr's Getting a Facelift on February 28thFlickr has been bleeding users like a hemophiliac since around the time Google+ launched and Yahoo’s doing something about it. Flickr senior product lead Markus Spiering has hinted that big changes are in store for the photo-sharing site come month’s end.

According to an interview conducted by BetaBeat, both the Photo Preview and Upload pages will receive extensive redesigns. The preview page will be transformed into a mosaic-style wall with larger images (as seen above), while the upolading will become more app-like with an easier drag-and-drop design.

And this is just the start, apparently. Spiering hopes to better integrate the service into Yahoo Mail as well as undertake other unnamed large-scale overhauls throughout the rest of the year.

It would appear that Flickr’s attempting to move further into the mobile market, to compete with the likes of Path and Instagram while mirroring Yahoo’s “mobile first” mantra. This is likely in part to help alleviate some of the pressure on the site from Facebook, Google+, 500px, Picasa, and their ilk, though Spiering wouldn’t admit it. When asked who he felt the site’s top competitors were, her replied “It’s very hard to tell. People use it in different ways.” [BetaBeat via Tested and Electronista]

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