I am always searching for the next cool thing for my daughter, I always hear people complaining that kids just don’t want anything that’s not battery operated or available online… So how about something decidedly low tech, kinda like a message in a bottle, but with the high tech spin kids crave?

Enter Flipoutz a cool new interactive fashion accessory that consists of a bracelet and tradable coins. So kids can wear their Flipoutz band, load it with cool and colorful themed coins, and then trade them with their friends. Using the serial number on the on the coins, kids register them on Flipoutz.com, create their own “Owner Profile Page” and a distinctive “Coin Profile” page, and then watch as their coins travel the world with each successive trade or “flip.”

It all starts by buying a Flipoutz starter pack. In that pack, you get a Flipoutz bracelet and a single Flipoutz coin. Create a Flipoutz profile and you are ready to enter your new coin’s serial number and create a coin profile. You can use this profile to track your coin after you trade it with your friends in the real world.

I seem to remember a similar experience when I was in college called wheresgeorge.com a site that let you track dollar bills all over the country, the difference here is that Flipoutz can travel the world, but only if one condition is met, they have to become popular enough for tons of kids to actually play it, stranger things have become wildly popular with kids, it would be fun if this was one of them.

Flipoutz starter kits are available for $12.99 at  www.flipoutz.com

Source: www.flipoutz.com

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