Want to have some fun this summer when you’re throwing a BBQ by the poolside? If that’s the case, get your body all buffed up and slap on enough sunscreen – so that you can have a field time trying to hit the target, scoring with your archery partner after that if possible. After all, when two good looking people get together, hit it off with the right kind of activity and have plenty of booze to feel relaxed, why not?

The Floating Pool Archery Game definitely on target where family fun is concerned, letting you make an attempt at being the Robin Hood of the pool, as you attempt to beat your opponents with your skills. Of course, there are always different factors to take into consideration such as the strength and direction of the blowing wind in addition to the way water moves, affecting just how the target board floats.

$39.95 to improve your hand-eye coordination is still more affordable compared to purchasing a new Nintendo 3DS, no?

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