Flote holds your tablet or e-reader

Flote holds your tablet or e-reader

Some of us have tablets or e-readers, and they can be a little tedious when you have to hold them up with one hand and use them all day.

I suppose you could get yourself some sort of Folio stand, but you might want to try out the Flote. The Flote is simply a way to “free your hands”, which is the official slogan.

As you can see, its bent metal pipe construction supports an e-reader or tablet so it is right in front of you, with no funky chair required. It can be easily and smoothly adjusted, and its footprint base can easily glide on floors and carpets.

I suppose that this could come in handy for cases where you want to lie in bed on your back and play with your tablet/e-reader at the same time. I suppose you would have to push the Flote holder aside when you go to bed, but hey, you can watch videos on a tablet!

So how much does it cost? About $245. That is a lot, true, but this is one of those Kickstarter projects. This means that it needs funding in order to make it on the market. So far, it has about one-third of its funds, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more products like this in the future.


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