Are you living in a cramped apartment that has very little space for anything else, especially when you want to make room for a new treadmill as you figured out it is time to start shedding those pounds? Well, assuming you have flat packed just about as many things as possible in your home, and have a minimalist decorative effect, and yet there is still not enough space, perhaps the $249.99 Foldaway Walker’s Treadmill might just come in to save the day.

This is the walker’s motorless treadmill which can fold to 14″ high, making it a snap to stash away or leave it upright against a wall once you are done with your daily exercise. There is nothing electric about this, so you can forget about the noisy whines that it makes. In fact, this manual model’s quiet, magnetic-resistance track and smooth dual weighted flywheels will allow you to maintain a workout routine regardless of where you are at home, without having to remain tethered to a power point, now how about that?

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