Foster's Fitness: I Finally Figured Out What a Burpee IsI don’t watch football so I have no idea who Arian Foster is. I had to look him up on Wikipedia. Besides being a football player, Arian really wants you to get into shape. And while most celebrity endorsed apps are just a mad grab at cash and publicity, Arian’s app is actually good.

Foster’s Fitness includes the usual fitness regimens found in other apps but with videos of Arian doing the actual workouts. Choose between weights and a cardio workout. Add workouts to a routine within the app to create your own personalized workout. The app also includes a race against Arian feature where you go outside and run as fast as you can to try to beat Arian’s 40 and 100 yard times. I didn’t do that. The neighborhood dogs would have chased me down.

Workout apps with illustrations or photos of a person doing something are worthless. I always end up doing something wrong and get yelled at by someone that works out all the time. Actual video helps. Seeing someone else do something helps me visualize how I should be doing it. Unfortunately, the meals section of the app is nearly worthless. It’s just a list of foods you should eat without portion information.

Foster’s Fitness

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Workout videos and descriptions

The Worst

Meal section worthless

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