NorthStar Insurance Agency

Friendly Insurance Policies Built for You

Searching for insurance means wading through endless possibilities to find a policy that meets your needs. Northstar Insurance Agency understands the risks you face in your personal and professional life and offers friendly policies that cater to your lifestyle to keep you safe.

Three Distinct Programs

When you are looking for insurance, there are three types offered by Northstar Insurance Agency. The first is for coverage of your personal life in the following areas:

Life and disability insurance
Jewelry and art
Watercraft and recreational vehicles
Personal umbrella

The second program offers coverage for your business. That way, you can be prepared for risks that are associated with your industry and particular area of specialty. This coverage includes the following policies:

Professional and general liability
Workers’ compensation
Commercial auto
Surety bonds
Data Breach
Pollution liability
Errors and omissions liability

Lastly, the third type of program is for employee benefits. This offers coverage for healthcare and wellness consulting, as well as group life, dental and health policies. With this, you can make sure your employees are taken care of.

A Policy Specifically for You

The three programs offered by Northstar Insurance Agency enable you to safeguard all areas of your life. Your insurance agent can create a tailor-made policy that protects your business, your employees and your personal life from the risks you face.