I hardly ever watch the news on TV anymore, I usually just read the headlines online, that way I can avoid all the bad stuff that upsets me (and that I can’t do anything about) and just read the few things that I find interesting. I would enjoy a little extra local news, stuff that’s relevant, updated, and that I can read when I feel like it…

Welcome Frrole, taking the best of social media and bringing it home, Frrole considers input from millions of individuals and organizations as its “go-to” source for news. It also looks at universal data streams and not just at what a specific user’s social network is sharing. Covering more than 50 cities, Frrole also supports country specific news editions. The US edition is created by aggregating the top news from 33 US cities that Frrole covers.

Here’s how it’s put together, Frrole analyzes more than 10 million real time tweets and selects about 0.1% of them that its algorithms see as informational, then it organizes the news from these tweets into sections like Sports, Entertainment, Travel etc… just like a traditional news source would do. Frrole tells us that “by putting in place a process that is 90% algorithmic, 5% community controlled and 5% editor controlled, Frrole creates a scalable model for news extraction and consumption that could be used to create localized news sources for cities all over the world.”

Since its beta release, Frrole has grown by almost 2000% and it’s been featured on TV and in some social media blogs. Frrole is gaining popularity quickly, and may very well end up being the future of news. Could Frrole’s way of gathering information from 1000′s of “sources”actually democratize our news and remove some of the ridiculously slanted reporting we’re getting so used to these days? Go check out Frrole for yourself at  frrole.com or the mobile Web at m.frrole.com and please let me know what you think.

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