Got iPad/iPad 2? It goes without saying that one of the first few accessories that you purchase for your spanking new Apple tablet would not be Swarovski crystals which you can paste onto the iPad’s back, but rather, a protective case which you can opt to bling up at your own leisure later on. The G-Form Extreme Portfolio for the iPad as well as its successor might just be the thing for you then if decent protection is what you’re looking for.

After all, no one loves dropping their iPad or other mobile device for that matter, and as I always say, the first drop is the most painful. Incorporating G-Form’s remarkable RPT (Reactive Protection Technology), the Extreme Portfolion was specially designed and manufactured Stateside, where it is not only lightweight so that you won’t tire out too fast holding the iPad in your hands, but is also water-resistant to a certain extent.

The flexible RPT technology is capable of accommodating a bunch of tablet sizes, and apart from the iPad and its successor, other tablet rivals can also fit in nicely. The case has been reinforced with polycarbonate and RPT corners which deliver front and corner protection for the tablet whenever it is in use. An adjustable easel stand, an inside pocket for documents and a reversible zipper will make it a snap to turn the case itself into a protective tablet format in a jiffy.

Just how tough is RPT? Well, it is said to absorb more than 90% of the energy of an impact, stiffening up instantly like armor so that your precious tablet won’t be hurt more than it should. All pre-orders will of the Extreme Portfolio for iPad will ship this coming August 11th, and you can only place a maximum of 2 pre-orders per customer.

Guess G-Form is expecting some really huge order quantities with that limitation, no?

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