If your desktop computer or notebook has at least one USB 3.0 port, then you might want to start making the most out of it. I am talking about getting a device which is compatible with the USB 3.0 port itself, and most of the time, something in this vein would come in the form of a portable storage solution. Enter G-Technology with their new range of USB 3.0 storage solutions that are said to be able to deliver speeds which are 10 times faster compared to USB 2.0, and half a dozen times faster than FireWire 800. Basically, this would translate to (in theory, anyways) that you can transfer a couple of full-length movies from a G-Technology USB 3.0 drive to a computer in a matter of minutes.

Let us take a closer look at what the G-Technology Mobile Family is able to offer – starting off with the G-DRIVE slim that is perfect for just about any notebook user. As its name suggests, the G-DRIVE Slim comes in an ultra-slim form factor that does not skimp on style either, boasting a high-performance USB 3.0 interface as well as a thin design. It has a lightweight aluminum chassis that offers up to 500GB of storage space, and does not need any external AC power supply. Expect the 500GB G-DRIVE slim to retail for $109.99.

As for the
G-DRIVE mobile and G-DRIVE mobile USB 3.0, they will feature versatile USB 3.0, FireWire 800 and FireWire 400 interfaces, although the mobile version carries USB 3.0 only. Regardless, both models will come in 1TB, 750GB and 500GB flavors, and are bus powered, retailing for $189.99 and $159.99 for the 1TB model, with the more expensive one being the version with FireWire support.

Those who want something that takes up less space can settle for the G-DRIVE mini, where it boasts a 2.5″ 7,200 RPM hard drive alongside an all-aluminum enclosure that ensures your precious data inside remains protected from knocks and bumps, and it can be USB 3.0 or FireWire bus-powered. You can pick it up in 750GB and 500GB capacities for $169.99 and $159.99, respectively.

Any takers?

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