Some of you might remember when we covered the Kube 2 Player, and how that there is still a market for small MP3 players.

As long as there small MP3 players, there will be a market for small MP3 player speakers. This particular one is known as “The Pill”, and it is from a Singapore company known as Gavio.

There really isn’t much that my Source says about the Pill, other than it is a 5.8 inch speaker system designed for the iPod nano 6th Generation.

I like how the Pill looks, and I can’t believe that this is the first time I have seen an iPod dock that looks like this. The Pill is a pretty obvious shape for a speaker due to its round edges. The iPod nano can be controlled with its holder through its touchscreen display, and it has an external volume control as well.

If you want to get this, then go to Gavio’s website and pre-order it. I don’t seem to have a price, but I have the slogan: “Have You Had Your Pill?” Yeah, I don’t really think that is a good slogan, as it sounds like it is referring to someone’s birth control. Let’s hope the price is easy to swallow.


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